Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ineffective Sanctions

Since August of 2008 Iran has denied IAEA inspectors entrance into Iran. The UN, three months ago approved the 4th round of sanctions against Iran's nuclear program. The sanctions target funds and trade done by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, who controls the nuclear program. After the sanctions were passed Ahmadinejad commented that sanctions are nothing but "annoying flies." But it seems that Iran has not waivered to the harshest sanctions enacted. I read a wall street journal article that discusses how about 8.44 billion dollars was sent to Iran from U.A.E. banks as remittance. It’s no surprise that Iran hasn’t felt any kind of economic stress, with so much money coming in through remittance.


  1. I can see where you're coming from, 8.44 billion is quite a lot of money. However, 8.44 billion in remittance goes to show how many workers left Iran for better jobs elsewhere. Yes, people are sending money back to their family's, but I think the important part is that Iranians aren't working in Iran, they're working elsewhere. It makes a statement if that much money is coming from abroad, the Iranian economy isn't doing so well.

  2. that is a good point, i didn't see it from the other perspective.

  3. Iranians can do very well working elsewhere. In the US, for example, "In 2000, the median income for Iranian-born males and females who were full-time, year-round workers was $52,333 and $36,422, respectively.
    For the total foreign-born population, the median earnings for male and female full-time workers was $30,288 and $25,260, respectively. Iranian-born males earned 42 percent more than the male foreign born overall, and Iranian-born females earned 31 percent more than the total female foreign-born population." Source: